inter [flight]

design 403 | FALL 2015

The urban gondola station, situated in the Brooklyn waterfront, aims to redefine the notion of interstitial space and its role in urban ecology by exploring its potential as a habitat for birds and a site of architectural invention through infrastructure.

3. station - migration

This vertical ascent will be a stroll through the park utilizing gently sloping pathways that at some parts become strictly used for circulation, and at other open up and become spaces for prolonged stays in picnics, field sports, and gardens. Supporting these paths are a series of wide perforated structures that touch down at the ground, reminiscent of tree trunks upholding the branches and stems above.

These vertical supports are constructed to serve also as the beginning of habitat creation for some of the migratory birds that nest in these types of spaces, the surface gets carved or recessed along its height, openings are made so that they may also find their place inside the outside, in the interstice. 





4 Intro Board 2.jpg